Codice: SHCI3-11S-110N
Produttore: OPENSTOR
Descrizione: 3 x 1U Hyper-Converged Sangfor HCI, 8 Bay 2.5'' SAS3 + 2 Hybrid SATA/NVMe, Single Intel Xeon Scalable Processor - 6x10GbE - Redundant 500W


Completa infrastruttura di Iperconvergenza a livello Enterprise basata su SANGFOR HCI di terza generazione

La soluzione composta da tre Storage Server OpenStor ad alte performance e ad alta scalabilità con schede Lan ad alta velocità e bassa latenza a 10GbE e a 40GbE (opzionale) e SSD Caching.
Il Sistema operativo SANGFOR HCI installato su ogni server consente di creare una infrastruttura completa in Iperconvergenza di 3a generazione a livello Enterprise comprendente Hypervisor, vSAN, NETWORKING, SECURITY:

  • Hypervisor (aSV) con funzionalità quali Vmotion, Storage Vmotion, HA, DRS (Distributed Resources Scheduler), Automated Hot-Add (aggiunta manuale/automatica di CPU e Memoria alle VM in Funzione), Backup e Instant Recovery, CDP* Continuous Data Protection RPO=5 Sec, VMware Management (Basic VM administrations: Console, Power on/off, Deploy Template, Backup/Recovery)
  • vSAN (aSAN) è un Distributed Storage configurabile con 2 o 3 copie per dato, High Performance Data Tiering e un Distributed Cache (SSD Read/Write caching), Scale-Out e Load Balancing.
  • Networking (aNET**) Network Virtualization, aSwitch, aRouter ( VLAN, single and multiple static routing, SNAT, DNAT, ACL, DHCP, DNS agent, HA for Router), Distributed Firewall, WYDIWYG (What You Draw Is What You Get)
  • Security (NFV) Network Function Virtualization iclude Next Generation Firewalls +  Web Application Firewall (NGAF*) con funzionalità di FW, BM, IPS, URL&APP, SSL-VPN, Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Email Security, Sandboxing, Risk Assessment, Security Visibility.

* Licenza Opzionale
** Funzione Network Virtualization di base già incluse in aSV

Key Features and Benefits

Industry Leading Storage Server Hardware
  • Triple Storage Server System
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor
  • SAS3 + NVMe Hybrid backplanes
  • Multiple 10G and 40GbE (100GbE coming soon) or FC Ports for high IOPS and throughput for external Storage
  • High density, high performance Storage design
  • Titanium Level power efficiency (96%)
Unified File and Block Services Support
  • 10/40/100GbE NFS
  • 10/40/100GbE CIFS, SMB 3
  • 10/40/100GbE iSCSI
  • 16 Gbps Fibre Channel External Storage
Data Availability and Integrity
  • Distributed Storage (aSAN) 2-3 copy Each Data 
  • Ensure Data Integrity
  • Write Data Symultaneously
  • Scale-Out & Load BAlancing
Services and Optimization
  • Flash and HDD hybrid pools
  • Vmotion, Storage Vmotion, HA, DRS, Automated Hot-Add
  • WYDIWYG (What You Draw is What You Get) Networking
  • Distributed Firewall, vSwitch, vRouter
Scalability and Management
  • Full Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • TB to over PB raw capacity adding node
  • CLI and Web UI
  • Unified management for VMware vCenter or ESXi, Bi-directional VM migration, Backup and instant recovery on HCI
Data Protection
  • Backup storage pool
  • Instant recovery
  • Snapshot and Clones
  • Instant file browsing
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP Optional License)

General Hardware Specifications

Key Features
per system
• Virtualization • Hyperconverge Storage • Cloud Computing • High End Enterprise Server • Flexible Networking Options
Form Factor 1U - 19" - Profondità: 597mm
Drive Bays 8 x 2.5" SATA/SAS3 + 2 x 2.5" NVMe
HDD 2.5" SATA III, SAS3 12gb/s, SSD SATA/SAS3 support Hybrid Storage
Read/Write Cache Single or Multiple read/write cache SSDs/NVMe High-Endurance for each Node
Processor Dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor
Chipset   Intel® Lewisburg C622
Memory slots 12 x DDR4 2666 MHz. ECC Registered
Max Memory 1.5TB
Expansion slot 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots LP, 1 PCI-E 3.0 x8 slots LP
M.2 2xPCI-E 3.0 x4 NVMe M.2 slot Optional Add-on card
HBA SAS SAS3 (12Gbps) via Broadcom 3008 AOC; IT Mode
Network connectivity  6 x 10GbE RJ45 - 1 x 1GbE Dedicated IPMI LAN port
Remote Management IPMI 2.0 w/dedicated LAN - KVM functions
Power Supply 500W Redundant Power Supplies Platinum Level
Rail Kit Yes – 26.5” to 36.04”
Garanzia 2 anni di cui il primo On-Site (NBD) - (Estensione a 3 / 5 anni ON-SITE opzionale)

Cat / Sottocat Prodotto Quantità
BAREBONE / Server Xeon LGA3647
1U UP Xeon® LGA3647 - 10x2,5" HotSwap SATA/SAS3 (di cui 2 Hybrid SATA/NVME) - 6xDDR4 ECC-R - 2*PCIe x16, 1*PCIe x8 - 2x10GbE RJ45 - IPMI 2.0 + KVM with LAN - NVME M.2. - 500W Red. - Exp. Slot: 3 PCIe in 1U
Chassis AddOn
Kit NVMe 2,5" - HBA NVMe Dual Port + Cavi OCuLink + Cage 2.5" Orange Button - up 2 NVMe
4210R - Xeon SP (10-core) - 2,4 GHz. - 13,75M Cache - LGA3647 - Core/Thread: 10/20 - TDP: 100 Graphics: No 3
Samsung - 32GB DDR4-2933 2Rx4 LP ECC REG DIMM
Controller (HBA) / SAS
Storage Kit NO RAID - Permette di installare fino a 8 HDD SAS 6G/12G (2,5") - (comprende 1 S3008L-L8E + cavi)
Hard Disk
Samsung PM983 960GB NVMe PCIe3x4 V4 TLC 2.5" (U.2) 7mm (1.3 DWPD), Max KIOPs: 540/55K (Read/Write), Max Troughput Seq.:MBs. 3.200/2.000 Read/Write
Intel D1 P4101 256G NVMe PCIe3x4 M.2 22x80mm up to 0.5DWPD Rev1
Scheda 10GbE Quad port RJ45 PCIe x8 (3.0) - Chipset Intel XL710-BM1/X55-AT4
Sistema Operativo
aSV (Compute Virtualization License per Physical 3 CPU) , aSAN (Storage Virtualization License per Physical 3 CPU), USB Key, Software license subscription & upgrade license included for 1 year, CTI technical support 7*24 for 1 year
Addebito SIAE 2014
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