• 21/09/2021
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Silicon Valley Fortune 100 Data Center Achieves 1.06 Power Usage Effectiveness with 280 Compute Nodes Per Rack Delivering Max Density and Efficiency
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A technology-leading Fortune 100 company has deployed over 30,000 Supermicro MicroBlade disaggregated servers, at its Silicon Valley data center facility with a Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.06, to support the company's growing compute needs. Compared to a traditional data center running at 1.49 PUE, or more, the new datacenter achieves an 88% improvement in overall energy efficiency. When the build out is complete at a 35 megawatt IT load power, the company is targeting $13.18M in savings per year in total energy costs across the entire datacenter.

  • 1.06 Data Center PUE delivers over $13M Power Savings per datacenter per year
  • 86% Improvement in System Cooling Efficiency with MicroBlade Shared Infrastructure
  • 45%-65% CAPEX Savings Per Refresh Cycle with Disaggregated Rack Scale Design
  • 56% System Density Improvement With 280 Intel® Xeon® compute nodes per rack

The Supermicro MicroBlade system represents an entirely new type of computing platform. It is a powerful and flexible extreme-density 3U or 6U all-in-one total system that features 14 or 28 hot-swappable MicroBlade Server blades. The system deliver 86% improvement in power/cooling efficiency with common shared infrastructure, 56 percent system density improvement and lower initial investment versus 1U servers. The solution has 280 Intel Xeon processor-servers per rack and achieves 45 percent to 65 percent hardware CAPEX savings per refresh cycle with this rack scale design.

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