NEW! QSan Unified Storage XN800D
QSan annuncia i nuovi modelli XN8016D e XN8024D
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JUL 1, 2020

QSAN has launched its next generation unified storage XCubeNXT XN8000D series.
XCubeNXT XN8000D series offers the optimal combination of performance and cost without compromising the high availability. The robust hardware design and enterprise-level operation system make XN8000D ideal for enterprise backup and private cloud environment, also the best large-scale storage and multi-function data center for small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, its non-disruptive design helps businesses to expand the storage performance and capacity by demand without stopping service.

"From the first day we started planning XCubeNXT, we’ve decided to provide a reliable unified storage that is easy to set up, simple to use and maintain," said Phil Tai, Product Management Director of QSAN, “while keeping all the enterprise features that our customers need.”

Based on the principle of ‘SIMPLE’, XCubeNXT delivers characteristics that mid-range enterprises are looking for:

Scalable: XCubeNXT allows non-disruptive software and hardware upgrade without shutting down your services. Support up to 434 bays and 6.1 PB with JBOD expansion.

Integrated: Supporting multiple protocols, XCubeNXT is suitable for all kinds of applications and accessible by all operation systems. Compatible to major virtualization platforms like VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix.

Mature: With more than 10 years storage experiences, QSAN delivers reliable storage service with the Active-Active architecture and fully modular design, no service downtime when there is any single point of failure.

Performance: Hybrid SSD to provide both read and write cache to achieve Cost-efficiency without compromising performance. Intuitive load balancing always keeps data transmission optimized.

Laborless XCubeNXT is easy to master, designed to release IT maintenance effort, SW/HW upgrade, and maintenance can never be this easy.

Enterprise-Grade Equipped with enterprise features such as deduplication, compression and thin provisioning. Also provide comprehensive security features to protect against ransomware and cyber attacks.

QSAN offers 2 models - 3U 16 bays (XN8016D) and 4U 24 bays (XN8024D) to let customers choose the ideal storage that meets the business requirement.
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