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Open-E & HGST - Nuovo Case Study
Aviation Accounting Center LLC di Kyiv in Ucraina implementa la soluzione Metrocluster di Open-e con uno storage mirrorato e scalabile da 240TB
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 Aviation Accounting Center LLC è la principale società di Ingegneria ucraina per l'acquisizione, elaborazione e fornitura di dati geospaziali.


I server Standalone non fornivano la potenza e la velocità necessaria per la memorizzazione e l'accesso al proprio database di dati geospaziali


Uno Software Definend Storage aperto, sicuro e veloce basato su Open-e Jovian DSS Storage Software e HGST 4U60-G2 Storage Platform


Una soluzione storage mirrrorata in High Availabilty veloce e scalabiale grazie alle features di Jovian DSS e HGST 4U60-G2 Storage Platform 

Company Profile
Aviation Accounting Center LLC is the leading Ukrainian engineering company for
acquiring, processing and providing geospatial data. It uses a variety of remote
sensing technologies, including digital aerial photography, LiDAR, radar, hyperspectral
imaging and echo ranging, and produces topographic surveys, maps, databases and
Geographic Information Systems.
Standalone Servers Insufficient
Aviation Accounting Center’s (AAC) specialty is scanning and sensing the earth by
digital aerial photography, aerial laser scanning, thermal aerial survey and space
imagery. Out of these activities flow a large and continuously growing pool of
geospatial data. This data must be stored, backed up and made instantly available for
analysis, processing and delivery to clients. Access performance is critical because of
the large amount of data involved, and performance must remain consistent even as
the volume of data grows.
Previously, AAC used standalone servers with dedicated storage. These were limited in
capacity and often had single points of failure. The off-the-shelf servers sometimes did
not have sufficient bandwidth to satisfy all users with reasonable response times.
AAC needed a better storage solution that would provide a pathway for continuous
growth in sensible increments of capacity. Throughput performance should not
degrade as capacity grows. In addition, availability to the data analysts should be 24x7
and instantaneous across the entire company network.
Open, Scalable Solution Based on HGST and Open-E
Brand-name turnkey solutions proved to be to too expensive and came with the risk of
vendor lock-in, making future upgrades more expensive than desirable.
Its system integration partner Entry proposed an open solution based on Open-E
JovianDSS data storage software, standard x86 servers and the HGST 4U60G2 Storage
Platform with He10 helium hard drives. The HGST platform, which can scale out in
numbers of enclosures and scale up in drive density and individual HDD capacity,
connected to mirrored standard x86 servers with high-bandwidth NICs, all managed
by the JovianDSS software, based on ZFS. The solution was scalable and satisfied
capacity, throughput, connectivity and high-availability requirements.Entry praised
HGST for the reliability of their HDDs and the robust build of the HGST
platforms, providing for many years of dependable service. HGST would also save
several months of integration work based on the internal and third-party qualifications
previously accomplished by HGST with various partners, which promised a swift and
trouble-free implementation of the desired solution.
By choosing previously tested combinations from HGST’s compatibility list, the
implementation was quick and without any integration issues. Once the JovianDSS
software was configured to AAC’s needs, the solution was ready to go live.
“The volume of geospatial data is growing year by year and has to be kept online at
reasonable cost for processing and exploitation,” said Sergii Polivoda, Commerce
Director for AAC. “Entry, our integration partner, brought together hardware and
software from multiple vendors, providing us with a tailored solution at a very
reasonable price.”
Centralized, Shared Storage with Room to Grow
Prior to implementing the new solution, ACC used so-called departmental file servers
that frequently hit capacity limitations and were difficult to keep synchronized. After
the implementation, they had 240 TB of centralized storage with the potential to
grow in multiple steps of 120 TB going forward. Data could be shared among multiple
workstations. The mirrored servers running Open-E JovianDSS in tandem provided
uninterrupted service to meet the 24x7 access requirement.
Scarica il Case Study originale HGST: http://links.hgst.com/htjsH0K00L000fZhn020Tg3